STON Token Sales Progress

Private ICO sales started on July 1st, 2019.


Soft Cap


Hard Cap


Funds Raised


Navigate a decentralized ecosystem that is governed directly by its voting community.


A new level of transparency where everyone and everything evolves as one.

Globalizing Financial Empowerment

Experience a financial world with a complete solution for your future needs.

Cryptocurrency with Stability

Secure your future with the Mainston coin developed to empower individuals through the blockchain technology.

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Vote for Change

Participate in the consensus group and have a say in the governance of the currency as well as other matters.

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Digital Identity

Fulfill your identity verification to digitize and secure official personal data on the blockchain.

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Global Wallet Solution

Receive your public key, manage your funds and make cross-border transactions.

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Decentralized Marketplace

Become part of a decentralized marketplace where buyers and sellers transact worldwide.

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What We Offer

The crypto-blockchain solutions of tomorrow.

Mainston provides a full spectrum of financial and entrepreneurial solutions from personal wallets to a unique networking opportunity with a stable and decentralized cryptocurrency (STON) at its core that is governed directly by its voting community.

Whether you're looking to store and manage your fiat or crypto currencies or generate a new stream of income, our leading crypto-blockchain solutions offer everything you need to power your own personal wallet starting today.


A Global Movement

Leading the financial revolution to bring lasting change.

On a global scale, millions of people do not have access to a wide range of financial capabilities to manage or transfer funds and are locked out from society's monetary system. Our solution is simple. To give power back to the people through a complete world of decentralized and transparent global solutions and help individuals regain control of their financial lives.

Our Partners

Together, we can build the decentralized future we want.

For the first time, Mainston offers everyone the unique opportunity to develop a transparent community-network using blockchain technologies in your city or country as well as internationally.

Mainston is ready to accelerate its development in the direction set by its stakeholders.

The networking partners will amplify the effect of the price increases of our cryptocurrency on its purchasing power, and its continuous replenishment means that its development in the short, medium and long term is assured.


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