The Mainston Cryptocurrency

STON is our decentralized, open, public, transparent, neutral, censorship-resistant, borderless cryptocurrency with a permanently fixed and limited supply that powers Mainston's leading blockchain solutions and global ecosystems.

Globalizing Empowerment

Enter the crypto world with a complete solution for all your needs.

Cryptocurrency with Stability

Secure your future with the Mainston coin developed to empower individuals through the blockchain technology.

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Vote for Change

Mainston's voting system allows holders of STON to have a say in the governance of their cryptocurrency and its surrounding ecosystem.

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Secure Custody Wallets

Mainston provides secure custody wallets for its global community to send and receive cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, STON, and any other ERC-20 Tokens).

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What We Offer

The crypto-blockchain solutions of tomorrow.

Mainston provides a spectrum of solutions with secured custody crypto wallets and a stable and decentralized cryptocurrency (STON) at its core that is governed directly by its voting community.

Send and receive cryptocurrency through our leading crypto-blockchain solutions that offer everything you need to secure your own personal wallet starting today.

A Global Movement

Leading the revolution to bring lasting change.

On a global scale, millions of people do not have access to a wide range of financial capabilities to manage or transfer funds and are locked out from society's monetary system. Our solution is simple. To give power back to the people through a complete world of decentralized and transparent global cryptocurrency solutions.



Dear Mainston client,

We are happy to present to you our official Corporate Report of Mainston's milestones for the first year and for the future.

Discover our journey filled with challenges and innovations for the pursuit of excellence within our ecosystems.

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