Vote For Change

One of the first community-powered ecosystems to change the future as one.

Stakeholders Establish The Rules

Gain the power to choose and become part of the decision-making in Mainston.

Vote for Change

Participate in the consensus group and have a say in the governance of the currency as well as other matters.

Consensus Completed

The decision will be concluded and the vote topic closed when 75% of the community has approved that change.

Voting Topics

New vote topics will be presented by the company when a majority of the community seek change.

Voting Powers

Voting powers will be available to anyone who owns the Mainston coin, no matter how big or small his or her stake is.

Voting Fee

To participate in the decision-making of a new change, a small fee of 0,0001 Ston tokens is used for each vote.

Rewards for Voting

Coinholders who participate in Mainston's decision-making are rewarded for their efforts and participation.

Consensus Rule Changes

A truly distributed consensus on the blockchain.

Staying true to our vision of creating a blockchain that is one hundred percent transparent, decentralized and community-powered, Mainston would only allow forks or changes within the blockchain when 75% of the community has approved that change.

Our goal is to give our community a voice and voting powers to bring about real change to the future of Mainston through a truly distributed consensus on the blockchain.