A stable, transparent and autonomous utility token for global adoption.

The cryptocurrency to build a better tomorrow.

Unlock the power of low-cost and cross-border financial transactions.

Cryptocurrency with Stability

Secure your future with the Mainston coin developed to empower individuals through the blockchain technology.

Blockchain on Ethereum

The Mainston blockchain is based on smart contracts which permit trusted, transparent and secure transactions.

Real-Time Transactions

Blockchain smart contracts is the new financial rail that clears and settles cross-border payments in near real-time.

Proven Blockchain

By building on top of an existing and proven blockchain, we can ensure the reliability and security of the network.

Affordable Fee Structure

Our blockchain replaces costly transactions with an affordable fee structure to bring greater financial opportunity to all.

Bounty Program

Receive tokens any time a social action is performed such as referring a new user or following Mainston on social media.


The Mainston philosophy for a user-centric ecosystem.

The Mainston coin will be a new-age cryptocurrency supported by a truly decentralized, one hundred percent transparent, and global contracting blockchain that can be adapted and scaled up to handle a large variety of businesses looking to negotiate contracts for the benefit of all parties involved.

All of this would get facilitated by one of the safest and most secure digital transacting environments the crypto world has ever seen.


Discover the step-by-step timeline of Mainston's Blockchain.

From inception to completion, follow the development of the Ston cryptocurrency token on the Mainston blockchain with its complete surrounding ecosystem being brought to fruition.

Mainston is poised to change the financial and cryptocurrency landscape with new developments delivered each and every week.

Join us on our journey as we globalize financial empowerment with revolutionary and decentralized solutions that will give back power to the people.

Week 1 - 3

STON Token

Smart contract development following the industry standard ERC20. ERC-20 defines a common list of rules for Ethereum tokens to follow within the larger Ethereum ecosystem, allowing developers to accurately predict interaction between tokens.


Week 4

Vote for Change

Voting functionality added to the Ston token. Having the community engaged by enabling the tokens holders to vote. The token holders can vote upon request to change the platform as well as other matters.

Week 5

Bitcoin Wallet

Obtain a Bitcoin wallet with a public key to view your balance, send and receive funds and more.

Week 6

Ethereum Wallet

Obtain your Ethereum wallet with a public key to view your balance, send and receive funds and more.

Week 7

STON and ERC20 wallet

Obtain your official STON crypto-wallet with a public key to view your balance, send and receive funds, generate monthly bonifications and more.

Week 8

Genealogy Smart Contract

Smart contract on Ethereum to securely map the genealogy in a transparent and immutable way.

Week 9

Decentralized Marketing Plan and Bounty Rewards

Mapping the Mainston marketing plan and bounty rewards on a decentralized blockchain in unison with the genealogy.

The time frames displayed are subject to changes depending on the blockchain development.

Blockchain Technology

Trust and transparency through the blockchain.

Blockchain consists of a continuously growing list of records, grouped in “blocks”, which are connected using cryptography and together form a digital ledger. If a blockchain is used in the form of a distributed ledger, a blockchain can be managed by a peer-to-peer network collectively adhering to a protocol for Mainston validating new blocks, which, once recorded, can no longer be altered or revoked.

This consensus-based mechanism built into blockchain removes the need for intermediaries and central authorities to run the system, thereby allowing two parties who do not know or trust each other to transact with one another.